when society becomes a slave to convention
when mankind is manned by a monotony
a breed of people strive to create change

it could be a revolutionary

or a writer

or a philosopher

but more often than not it would be an


Welcome to the world of


Welcome to the world of


‘because I create, I too am god’

Kannadasan,tamil poet


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‘Object’ive Buildings

shaping a building like a familiar object can often be as pleasing as a pun

placing the burj arab shaped like the sail of the Dhow boat and Sydney opera house shaped like the wind filled sails of pleasure yacht on the seaside brings a knowing smile to the viewer.

But architects do take their cue from other objects too.

Here are some with some trivia on them.

We have an opthamologic hospital shaped like an eye in Chennai.

A violin shaped music auditoriom in Bangalore,

an accordion shaped building in London,

a guitar shaped music museum in tennesse.


The book shaped “House of Free Creativity” in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan cost $17 million to build..

What’s funny here is that the press in that Central Asian nation is anything but free: internet access, newspapers, TV, radio, and other forms of communication are controlled by the state, routinely monitored and censored.The country is #3 on the CPJ’s list of most-censored nations.


A bulding on radhakrishnan road chennai looks surprisingly alike.

If you find a building shaped like an everyday object send us a pic at futurearchitects@rocketmail.com

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